Online Classes:

In addition to teaching through Creativebug and CreativeLive online, Molly teaches her own online classes and workshops. Online learning is a wonderful way to work at your own pace to develop new artwork, find new ways of working and generally get inspired to get making in the studio!

CreativeLive: From Hand to Screen to Surface

Many designers are so well-versed in the art of working digitally that the idea of creating things by hand can feel daunting – but it doesn’t have to. Join Molly Hatch for Pattern Design: From Hand to Screen to Surface and revisit the tactile experience of making images.

Handcrafted artwork and patterns can open new doors for you – both creatively and professionally. In this course, you’ll learn how to develop a creative process that combines hand work with digital to get results you and your clients will love. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create repeat patterns by hand, using cut paper and block repeats
  • Scan and adjust patterns in Photoshop
  • Hand-color line art to capture unique textures
  • Give companies and clients the handmade look they’re craving

If you’re ready to make your designs more unique, more appealing to clients, and more of a reflection of who you are as a designer, this is the course for you!

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Drawing Essentials

Take your line drawings to the next level with this course on composition and perspective. Illustrator Molly Hatch teaches basic rules for adding depth to your drawings and crafting great compositions, including the Rule of Thirds and the Rule of Odds. Molly also shares several helpful exercises for creating rhythm and balance, plus a primer on adding perspective to your artwork. When used together, all of these essential drawing techniques will help you create a balanced, interesting composition.

Learn how to:
  • Compose your drawing using the Rule of Thirds and the Rule of Odds
  • Create and utilize focal points
  • Balance your composition
  • Create rhythm in your drawing
  • Establish a viewpoint and create depth around it
  • Establish perspective using scale
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Creativebug: 10 Easy Things to Draw

Half the battle of learning how to draw is figuring out how to trust your own eyes. In this series of quick drawing classes, Molly Hatch demonstrates the loose, beautiful style that can be achieved with the Blind Contour Drawing technique. This unique drawing style is accomplished by looking only at the object that is being drawn (not at the paper), capturing the shape of the object with a continuous line. The result is typically a fluid (albeit slightly wonky) version of the real thing — and that wonkiness is a big part of the beauty. This exercise allows you to stop fretting about what your hand is doing and start focusing on what you’re seeing. You can either draw along with Molly by working from the photos in the PDF, or choose your own version of the objects to draw at home. And with that, we hereby challenge you to draw ten easy objects with Molly.

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Creativebug: Introduction to Drawing

For beginning artists, nothing is more elusive than learning how to use simple lines to create dimensional artwork. In this 2-part course, artist and illustrator Molly Hatch starts at the very beginning, covering all of the elemental tools and materials you’ll need to get started, and demonstrating how simple lines can be used to create contoured shapes. Using pens, pencils and other basic art materials, this course is chock full of tips and tricks, plus classic mark-making exercises like blind contour, implied lines, and line networks. Once you've practiced working with lines, you’ll learn how to add depth and dimension with fundamental shading and cross-hatching techniques. This course is designed to give you a basic understanding of line drawing that will serve as a foundation for all of your artistic endeavors. With practice, your hand and brain will learn to work together, and your humble lines will quickly transform into beautiful, interesting shapes.

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Creativebug: Design on Ceramics

Transfer a created or found design onto ceramics – either in your own studio or at a paint-your-own pottery studio. Molly shares her trademark technique for applying custom artwork to ceramics, including the best tools for transferring a design and how to achieve dense coloring on your one-of-a-kind piece.

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Creativebug: Found Image Painting

Feeling artistic but intimidated because you don’t think you can draw? Molly shares her process of creating a piece of art based on found imagery. She covers where to source material as well as how to group and gather elements into a painting. The final image is translated through your own hand – with all the artistic charm and none of the self-doubt that too often creeps into creating art.

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Creativebug: Stenciled Glassware

Transform your boring, naked glassware into something more personal and reflective of your style. Molly shows you how to create a contact paper stencil and create a motif from a found image so you don’t even need to know how to draw to add some zip to your drinkware.

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Splendid Ceramic Surface

Are you taking ceramic classes for fun and looking for some new surface techniques? Are you an art teacher looking for good techniques to share with your students? Are you new to ceramics and looking for fun ways to create surfaces in clay? Do you own my New Ceramic Surface Design book and are looking for video tutorials that compliment the projects in the book? Then this is the right class for you!

This 5-week online workshop will begin September 29th, 2015 with an open ongoing enrollment. This online workshop uses Molly Hatch's book New Ceramic Surface Design as a text to cover a wide range of surface design techniques for ceramics. Working at your own pace, each week for 5 weeks, participants will have access to an online demonstration video for new techniques, downloads of worksheets, templates and recipes as well as a second video each week featuring an interview with artists featured in the book about their artwork and the techniques they use. This workshop is great for anyone who has clay basics and is ready to make some exciting surfaces! Once you have enrolled in this workshop, you will have continued access, (forever!) there is no end to the learning!

With a basic knowledge of ceramics, this class will help you push to the next level with ways to approach the ceramic surface!

HOW IT WORKS: Working at your own pace, each week for 5 weeks, participants will have access to an online demonstration video for new techniques. Each week there are downloads, artwork templates and recipes as well as a second video featuring an interview with artists such as Lisa Congdon and Ben Carter.  Most of the artists interviewed are featured in my book and will talk about their careers, what inspires them and how they use the techniques demonstrated each week in their own studio practice.

WEEK 1: Design Basics, Tool review and Where to Begin?
This week we cover the tools needed for the course in detail, the video demo discusses basics of approaching surface design on a 3-D form and a second video discusses where to begin. Video interview with artist, illustrator and author Lisa Congdon about using a sketchbook to learn more about who you are as an artist.

WEEK 2: Doodling on Ceramics
This week learn how to take your sketchbook practice (covered in week 1!) and transform doodles into great surfaces on ceramics. We use doodle prompts and other fun ways to loosen up and draw a little! Video interview TBA.

WEEK 3: Perfect Polka Dot
Learn to use stickers to create an easy to use resist on the ceramic surface. Video demo will walk you through how to make the perfect polka dot, but the possibilities are endless! Video interview TBA.

WEEK 4: Stamped Surface
How to transform your collection of rubber stamps into your very own library of ceramic surfaces. Everything from how to apply to ceramics to coloring in the stamping. Easy and super fun! Video interview TBA.

WEEK 5: Slip Inlay
Learn how to inlay slip or underglaze into the surface of greenware. Downloadable template for practicing and perfecting your technique as well as good techniques for finishing your work after bisque firing. Video interview TBA.

This workshop is great for anyone who has clay basics and is ready to make some exciting surfaces! Once you have enrolled in this workshop, you will have continued access, (forever!) there is no end to the learning!

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