Bouquet in a Book: Happy Day

Each page in this book features a “pop-up” flower and a description of its symbolic meaning. Take the jacket off, turn the flowers up, and display the bouquet as a reminder to enjoy what the day brings!

Publishing in March 2018

Bouquet in a Book: Thinking of You

Each page of this book features a “pop-up” flower and a description of its symbolic meaning. Take the jacket off, turn the flowers up, and display the bouquet as a reminder that someone has been thinking of you!

Publishing in March 2018

A Passion for China: A Little Book About the Objects We Eat From, Live With and Love

‘As we move through our daily lives, eating breakfast,
sipping an afternoon cup of tea or gathering for a family dinner, the patterned ceramic objects we live with are precious witnesses to our stories. We eat from them, they warm our hands after a cold walk outdoors and we pull them out to celebrate the births, marriages and lives of our loved ones.’
A Passion for China is a personal celebration of the everyday beauty of tableware. Acclaimed ceramicist, artist and designer Molly Hatch explores the family stories behind beloved items; the bowls and cups we have inherited or chosen with love and care. Molly Hatch also brings the history of porcelain, potteries and patterns to life with an informal eye for fascinating detail.
A tribute to the rich heritage of the vintage plates, jugs and pots that make our homes our own.

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Journey in Color: Mexican Folk

Featuring festive Mexican folk-themed designs with hot pink accents on every page, this gorgeous coloring book offers a delightful way to unwind. For this newest addition in the Journey in Color series, Molly Hatch lends her distinctive hand-drawn sensibility to outlines of cut paper art, sugar skulls, and traditional Mexican hand crafts. Single-sided pages prevent colors bleeding through, making every design in this eye-catching book a completely immersive coloring experience.

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Journey in Color: Scandinavian Designs

Distinguished by signature pops of accent color and designs, Journey in Color coloring books provide an immersive creative escape in a uniquely elegant package. This new book in the series features designs inspired by art, embroidery, and textiles from Norway and Sweden, printed in both black and brilliant neon red inks. The outlines print single-sided so there is no risk of show-through for those who are coloring with markers or pens. With richly detailed designs and eye-catching neon accents on every page, this is a coloring experience as beautiful as it is relaxing. Available for shipping September 2016.

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Journey in Color: French Baroque

These coloring book patterns are inspired by the elegance of Marie Antoinette–era clothes, dishes, jewelry, and more. The ornate outlines are printed in both black and shimmering bronze metallic inks, making every colored-in page a work of art. Book releases March 1st, 2016

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Journey in Color: Moroccan Motifs

Featuring bold geometric designs found in Moroccan markets, tiles, and textiles, this stunning coloring book is printed in black and bright pops of neon turquoise inks throughout. Releases March 1st, 2016

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A Teacup Collection: Paintings of Porcelain Treasures

In paintings as pretty as the porcelain they depict, this gift book celebrates one of the finest teacup collections in the world: the 300-piece archive of the Clark Art Institute, which dates back to the eighteenth century and represents coveted designs of the day from Europe and China. Artist Molly Hatch, with exclusive access to this largely unviewed collection, pored over the details of each cup to create this visual treat. Including page after page of paintings of the cups, and led off by introductory essays, this is both an intriguing reflection on the art of collecting and an utterly charming gift for tea drinkers and teacup collectors.

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New Ceramic Surface Design

New Ceramic Surface Design is Molly's fully-illustrated manual covering a wide range of creative surface decoration techniques presented in an approachable and accessible format. Molly  guides beginners and more advanced ceramicists through various methods for creating designs on clay. You will be introduced to several different and new approaches for using your own imagery and content on the ceramic surface. Techniques include Mishima, tape resists, rubber stamping, and doodling to create line art, stamping, nature resists, found objects, and shellac resists to create textures, and sticker resists, contact paper stencils, paper resists, and Sgrafitto to create shaped designs. Detailed photography and hand-drawn illustrations document the processes and show beautiful completed samples. Templates and stencils for all the featured designs are included in the back of the book to use as is, or to tailor to your own tastes.

Check out my online workshop Splendid Ceramic Surfaces that is a great companion to the book!

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