New! Molly Hatch Collection for Chasing Paper

Nov 16, 2016


Chasing Paper is Beautiful, High-Quality Removable Wallpaper + Wall Decor.

Peel it, stick it, love it. Chasing Paper is beautiful, well-designed removable wallpaper that will stick to nearly any surface. Go ahead and get creative! We’ve got you covered.

Chasing Paper was born in the hustling sparkle of New York City, but its roots are in the Heartland. Created from conversations with serial movers, stylish mamas, renters who feel like anything but, DIYers, and, of course, commitment-phobes, Chasing Paper is simple to hang and easy to remove.

Chasing Paper is for everyone. It makes small projects affordable and big jobs a breeze. We are invested in the accessibility of simple design and the power of transformation.

Want to shop? Learn more? CLICK HERE to o to Chasing Paper’s website

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